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Sense of Urgency

Whether you're looking for an apartment right now or next month, you deserve timely responses. We aren’t available every minute of the day, but we value your time immensely.

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Chicago’s downtown rental market can be hard to understand, but apartment renting is all we do. We've helped thousands of people like you since 2009. We’ve got this!

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Focus and Listening

Our sole job is to find the best apartment for you in downtown Chicago. We've found a little listening goes a long way toward matching your needs to what’s currently available.

Finding your perfect downtown Chicago apartment should be easy, but if you don’t do this every day (like we do!) it can become a little overwhelming to “go it alone.” We find that collecting some basic information and having a short conversation with you gives us important insight into your needs and wants. We combine that with our market expertise to narrow the options to the ones that are best for you. It’s all about saving you time and energy, and it comes at no cost to you. One of our customers put it best when they said, “It was like talking with a good friend of mine who just happened to know a lot about downtown Chicago apartments.” Our sole job is to learn a bit about you, listen closely, and match you with the best available apartments that meet your needs. Let’s get started! Dorothy Moody, Founder and Owner

What our customers are saying…

Mia was instrumental in our cross country move from San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL. It honestly couldn't have been smoother and more seamless of a process. We had tried searching and coordinating our finding on our own but living across the country made it quite difficult. So, we decided to work with a leasing agent. The first two agents were not professional, not communicative and suggested properties that didn't match our needs. However, the moment we connected with Mia, we knew we had an advocate on our side. Each conversation we had with her felt like we were talking to a close friend that truly was looking out for our best interest and what we were looking for in a new home. She toured various properties for us, took video and photos since we were in California, promptly got us documents and made herself available beyond normal office hours due to the time difference. She went above and beyond and ultimately found our now apartment which matched EVERYTHING we were looking for - price, location, size, and even amenities that catered to our two oversized dogs. I highly recommend Mia's services with out any hesitation or reservation as I am certain that anyone would greatly benefit from her services making a future move a great experience.


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