Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Spring

Outdoor Space

Spring is in the air, bringing with it the promise of blooming flowers and bird serenades. You’ve waited patiently for winter to pass, and now you have one thing on your mind: a gorgeous outdoor space.

The good news is that no matter what the dimensions are or what your budget is, a great outdoor space is easy to accomplish. Learn the basics with this decorating guide.

Color Your World

With spring on the way, it’s time to put away those grays and blues and out bring vibrant colors. Nothing gives new life to a drab spot as quickly as color, so add some patterned rugs and throw pillows. A tablecloth and chair covers in green or yellow will instantly brighten a patio set. Hang a whimsical print and set out a decorative bowl or candle holder for finishing touches.

Think outside the box for flowers and flowerpots: gone are the days when flower pots were only brown or white. Paint your containers a cheerful pink or fiery red, or make unique multi-colored designs. Use anything from old-timey watering cans to glass jars. Then fill them up with a diverse variety of plants and enjoy your personal rainbow.

Use All Your Space

Whether it’s five feet or fifteen feet, you can do a lot with your outdoor area. The trick is to make use of more than just the floor or the table for decorating. Rail planters give you more flowers for your space, as does a climbing planter. Add some hooks and hang baskets or fairy lights: the outdoors isn’t just for the daytime.

If you like to entertain, try a sectional sofa opposite two chairs for additional seating. If you don’t have much room for the open floor, a corner sofa might be just the ticket. Choose a small central table if you have the space, or one or two tiny end tables if you don’t. Borrow the trick that every good decorator knows: angular furniture takes up less room than round pieces.

Keep Things Cozy

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean all the chilly weather is gone for good. Prepare for stray cooler temperatures with some special touches. Padded seat cushions are more comfortable and are warmer than their thin counterparts. An area rug keeps your feet off the cold floor. This is especially useful if you’re going to be outdoors at night.

If you enjoy being outside for hours, don’t let a drop in temperature deter you. That’s the ideal time to add a few fuzzy throws or cotton quilts. Candles provide extra warmth as well, so set out a pillar candle or two if you have table space. Look for patio furniture cushions that help retain body heat: you can always swap them out once spring moves toward summer.   

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