Living in the Gold Coast Reminds Me of Family

If you’re like me, living in the city is about being in the action and having everything close to you. But even for us city folk, I love being able to escape the hustle and bustle and just enjoy the quietness of a nice neighborhood. If this sounds like home to you, then check out the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Memories of the Chicago Gold Coast

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, but in my early twenties, I decided to move to the West Coast. It was the sun, and some fun for sure, but Chicago’s in my blood, so when I made the move back my brother and I decided to get a place in the Gold Coast together. The experience couldn’t have been any better.

I remember the first few weeks living in a high rise, waking up and looking out my window and thinking how it didn’t really feel like a big city. I don’t typically love mornings, but I would wash up, put on some clothes and head to the lobby of my building where Johnny, the doorman, always greeted me with a smile. Growing up with two brothers – this wasn’t my normal morning greeting!

“Good morning Mark. Have a blessed day.” Every morning he was right there to start me off and I loved the positive energy and personalized greeting. Johnny would open the door and my day had officially started.

The Tastes of the Gold Coast

My morning walk had one goal in mind – coffee. As I approached Dearborn Street, I would see the Starbucks on the corner with fellow coffee drinkers enjoying a paper, beverage, and breakfast on the patio tables setup outside. “Hey, Mark!! Grande Coffee?” Oh, they knew me well :). There’s something about an establishment that recognizes you by name that just makes you feel at home.

Coffee always recharges my battery, and the energy of the neighborhood waking up always put me in the right mental space to attack my own day. And since I worked from home, it was time to get rolling.

We happen to live in the greatest food city in the world, so the options for lunch are endless. But on a nice sunny day, there’s really only one choice for me – Tavern on Rush. Located in the historic Viagra triangle, and perched right at the corner of Rush and Bellevue, Tavern is surrounded by outdoor tables that make for magnificent people watching. Inside, the walls tell stories of the famous faces who have dined there. For me, the energy of this local icon is indescribable…but then again, so is the burger!

Enjoying Life in the Fast Lane

Back to the home office, I knew the work day was over when my little brother came home. I lived in Los Angeles for the eight years prior to us living together, so it was a real treat to make up for the lost time. One of many special nights I spent in the Gold Coast started at Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse. It was shortly after my return from LA and it was just me and my brother. We sat down at the bar waiting for our table and did something we hadn’t done in years – enjoyed each other’s company. Life seemed to be moving so fast, but the food was great, and the Scotch too, and there was something comforting about being back home in Chicago.

We topped off that evening by walking to Biggs cigar shop right around the corner on Dearborn and Elm St. There’s nothing better than a good cigar and yes, another Scotch, but as the night turned into morning, it was time to go home. We walked through the lighted streets and into our building, warmly greeted by Cliff, the equally upbeat night doorman. It was a great day and I never went more than three city blocks from my place!

Life happens, and in 2016, I moved to Streeterville. I love it, but those times living with my brother in the Gold Coast were some of the best of my life. If you’re looking to live in Chicago (with or without your brother), check out the Gold Coast and create your own memorable experiences. I’ll bet there’s a ton of them still out there.

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