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So you've finally decided to make the big move from Indiana to Chicago. Good for you! I've been in your shoes and although it's an exhilarating feeling to become a part of a new way of life, it's also pretty darn scary sometimes. So, if you're feeling a bit intimidated, that's completely understandable; hopefully I[...]

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Does your dog like running free, playing with other dogs or have a preference of park surface (e.g. asphalt, sand, grass, etc.)? Chicago is a very dog-friendly town, with public dog parks popping up in every neighborhood. And you’ll even find some parks with gated areas that let dogs run, leash-free. Standard features of a[...]

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So you're contemplating a life without a car and trying to weigh out the options. Chicago is the perfect city to go car-less, but if you don't believe me, here are four things to consider when trying to make the decision. Parking 101 I would love to be writing about all of the amazing free[...]

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