Vista Tower: The Inside Scoop on a New Chicago Icon

Count the cranes people- count the cranes! 

As a lifelong Chicagoan and luxury leasing agent in downtown Chicago, I’ve seen a lot of high rise developments over the years. Most blend in, going relatively unnoticed in our wonderful skyline. But, one new icon that is sure to stand out in the Chicago vista is… Vista. 

Between friends and customers, I get asked about Vista all the time, so let’s venture out amongst the cranes and see what’s going on today.   

Vista – The New Face of Lakeshore East

Vista is a bold new condo development in Lakeshore East, nestled right on the bank of the Chicago River. If you haven’t already floated by it on a river cruise or admired it while walking along the lake shore, let me just say, Vista is BIG.

How big? Well, soon it will be the third tallest building in the cityscape. 

Architect Jeanne Gang, who is responsible for the Aqua building, was clever once again, covering Vista’s undulating form in multiple shades of blue glass. It’s unique, it’s tall and it is impressive. As a colleague of mine described it during one of our recent discussions, “this building will be national, like Aqua”.

Aqua Luxury Apartments

While the building is still in development, let’s tackle some important questions…

  • Are these apartments or condos?
  • When is it opening?
  • What should future residents expect?
  • How much will it set me back if I want to snag one as my new crash pad?

After some research and double-checking my savings account, the expectations are as high as the tower itself. 

Impeccable Details and Curated Designs

Vista will offer all privately owned residences, ranging in size from one-bedroom to four-bedrooms, and a limited selection of otherworldly penthouses, each taking a full floor and offering 360-degree views. Why choose which direction you want to face when you can face them all!

This building will be national, like Aqua.

Bareun Park, HotSpot Rentals Leasing Agent

Inside the residences, there’s something for everyone, with four types of finishes, each curated by a different designer. Categorized by crystal types, they’re named Amethyst, Fluorite, Topaz, and Sapphire.  I must say, they’re speaking my language here. 

As expected, this also applies to the fixtures and appliances, which include:

  • Snaidero Cabinetry
  • Quartz and Stone Countertops and Backsplashes
  • Kallista Faucets and Accessories
  • Gaggenau Kitchen Appliances
  • Thermador Refrigerators

Units are boasting wide plank, hardwood flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. No surprise considering that there’s a real emphasis on panoramic views as part of Vista’s signature.

On-Site Lifestyle

Similar to how a luxury rental property offers residents high-end amenities, Vista is incorporating world-class amenities into the development, blurring the lines of private ownership with a sense of community.  

In addition to the following core amenities:

  • State of the Art Gym
  • Outdoor Pool and Sky Terrace
  • Resident Sky Lounge
  • Business Center 
  • Private Conference Room. 

they’re providing a little extra:

  • Theater/Screening Room
  • Private Dining Room 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen, and Demonstration Kitchen
  • Wine Tasting Room
  • Golf Lounge
  • Additional City Lounge
  • Children’s Activity Center

Keep in mind, this is all on the 47th floor with panoramic city views. It’s like its own world- you really shouldn’t have to leave the building (unless you want to, of course). 

The attached 5-star, Wanda Vista Hotel will also have its own set of lounges, bars, and restaurants. In my experience with customers, living in properties that have a world-class hotel attached or close by is an additional amenity in itself!

Move-ins for Vista will begin in 2020 and as for the entry price points, well, let’s just say I probably need a few more shekels saved before I get my new pad at Vista. 

The Hood

The lovely urban microcosm that is Lake Shore East Park is the heart of the neighborhood. It is simply picturesque in any season, surrounded by restaurants, a grocery store, and a favorite hang out of mine and my customers, the Drunken Bean Coffee and Wine Bar. It really is its own little world. From this park, Michigan Avenue, Millennium Park, the Art Institute, the Lakefront, and Riverwalk are just steps away. Daily landmarks of the neighborhood are destinations that people come from all over the world to see. 

My experience as a downtown leasing agent has taught me that, frankly, living in Lakeshore East simply rocks. You’re a very short walk or quick Uber from every downtown neighborhood from Gold Coast to South Loop. Major Metra and CTA stops are just blocks away. You can hop onto Lakeshore drive right down the street. Lakeshore East is centralized in a way that helps you get to work and fun quickly.

Great Expectations

After spending some time getting to know Vista, I’m inspired by its ability to have the inside reflect the outside. On the outside, a magnificent city offering a neighborhood complete with national landmarks of culture, architecture, and nature. Inside, luxury accommodations and amenities await, smartly designed by a world-class architect. 

Personally, I can’t wait to hear the feedback from the new residents. But, until then, I’m gonna grab a glass of wine, close my eyes, and imagine myself “counting the cranes” from my Vista crash pad. Wanna join?