Best Chicago Neighborhoods for College Graduates: Where to Live After Graduation

You’ve survived all-nighters, a ramen-based diet, and your freshman-year roommate’s body odor. And now, diploma in hand, it’s time to take on adulting. 

If you’re pondering where to start your post-grad adventure, look no further than Chicago. This city has so much to offer—iconic skyscrapers, deep-dish pizza, and more job opportunities than your old dorm has empty Red Bull cans.

Chicago is undoubtedly one of the best cities to move to post-graduation. It lures in young professionals with super-easy public transit, gorgeous parks, and neighborhoods more diverse than their Spotify playlists. There’s no wonder why it’s been voted the best big city in the U.S. for seven years running.

Thinking about moving to Chicago after graduation? Here are 10 reasons why you should!

I Should Move to Lincoln Park, Right? 

When you tell friends you’re moving to Chicago, I bet you get a common response: “Ooooh, you should live in Lincoln Park”. 

With a median age of about 30, this Chicago neighborhood skews about five years younger than the rest of the city. And sure, it’s got tree-lined streets and a certain “college life, but fancier” vibe, but come on, there are so many other neighborhoods that might fit you better and don’t require wearing a Patagonia jacket and riding a scooter to brunch (sorry Lincoln Park, I do love you, promise). 

A wide view city shot of Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood skyline.
They say Lincoln Park is the holy grail for young professionals, bustling vibe and all. But guess what? Your perfect neighborhood in the Windy City might just surprise you!

Now, are some neighborhoods in Chicago better for new graduates than others? Yes, but also no. There’s no magic list of the best Chicago neighborhoods for young professionals. It’s all about your lifestyle, interests, and budget.

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect Chicago neighborhood for your fresh, adulting self. Whether you’re a work-from-home introvert, have a “party-like-I’m-still-in-college” mindset, or have mom and dad footing the bill, there’s a ‘hood and apartment for you. Ready to find yours? Come on, it’ll be fun.

The Work From Homer

If you’re a recent college graduate who’s joined the world of remote work (thanks, COVID!), you know the joy and the struggle of working from home. Sure, you could work from anywhere, but let’s be real: on most days, “anywhere” is on your sofa in sweatpants with a snack stash. Your social life is an ongoing series of Slack messages and Zoom calls, and Uber Eats has become your emergency contact and therapist all rolled into one. 

You need a Chicago neighborhood that caters to your WFH lifestyle with the right blend of peace, quiet, and the occasional excuse to leave the house. Think minimal construction noise, no neighboring train tracks, and a delightfully calm vibe. But don’t confuse peaceful with boring! You’ll appreciate having a coffee shop nearby for a refreshing change from your home office, and a cool place to grab a cocktail when you clock out from the couch. 

A man smiling while working with his laptop outside at a coffee shop. He has a cup of coffee next to him.
Your apartment may be your HQ, but the coffee shop next door is your second office.

Now let’s talk about the ideal apartment for you work-from-home warriors. Since you eat, sleep, and work in the same space, a nice kitchen is crucial. A separate office area (or even a den) is key because having the dining table double as your desk is a recipe for disaster. 

A coworking space in your building is a huge bonus, just in case you need a change of scenery to remember what human interaction feels like. And don’t forget fast WiFi—fiber optic is a work-from-homer’s best friend. And since we WFH introverts would prefer a root canal over stepping foot in an actual retail store, reliable package delivery is a must. 

Your Neighborhood: South Loop

Nestled just south of downtown, Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood offers a chill and urban vibe that’s perfect for those who crave the city’s energy, but not being right smack in the middle of it. Some of South Loop’s highlights include:

  • Lakeside Living
  • Quietly Downtown
  • Views for Days
  • Coffee Shop Heaven
  • Cultural Oasis
  • Lots of Green Retreats

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A daytime view of Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.
South Loop: Where vibrant city streets and peaceful moments coexist. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

South Loop’s Apartment Picks for the Work-From-Homer

Browse our top picks for work-from-home apartments and find the perfect space to balance work and relaxation.

The Partier

Does your weekend start on Thursday and end…never? Then you’ve got to rent in a Chicago neighborhood where the party doesn’t stop. Whether it’s rooftop pregame drinks, a bar crawl that covers more ground than the Chicago marathon, or a brunch that lasts until dinner, you need to be in the thick of the action.

For you, being within walking distance of the best bars, clubs, and restaurants is a must. Imagine wandering down the block and into Spybar or hearing the thump-thump-thump of Lollapalooza from your apartment’s balcony. Whether it be hidden speakeasies, the Green Door Tavern (open since 1872!), an all-night party at Rebar, or partying on a Tiki Boat on the Chicago River…you need a neighborhood with places to explore.

A close-up shot of a group of friends toasting their drinks together.
For you, happy hour is always in season.

An apartment building that hosts resident activities? Absolutely. You’ll be the first to RSVP to any social event (if you’re not the one hosting it yourself!). An outdoor pool? Vegas style, please. What’s the point of living in a high-rise if you can’t party like a high roller? And if your apartment has a rooftop lounge with a skyline view, even better—this is where the pre-game starts, after all. 

Parking isn’t a big deal—you’ve got friends with cars for that. Instead, you’re looking for a place with rentable amenity spaces (like a chef’s kitchen), where you can show off your mixology skills while everyone else takes Instagram shots of the night’s festivities. 

Your Neighborhood: River North

River North is one of the best Chicago neighborhoods to live in for young professionals. Located right along the Chicago River, it’s the spot to be if you love to work hard and play harder. Expect to find the following in River North:  

  • Happy Hour Haven
  • Completely Walkable 
  • Bars and Restaurants for Days
  • Excellent Public Transit
  • Festival Friendly
  • Exclusive Club Scene

River North has some hidden gems like The Drifter, a hidden speakeasy located underneath the Green Door Tavern.

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The Best River North Apartments for The Partier

View the best apartments for nightlife lovers in Chicago and stay close to the hottest spots for happy hours, dining, and entertainment.

The Triathlete

You’re disciplined, organized, and view a half-marathon as a nice little warm-up. Perhaps you’re a touch OCD about your health, but hey, who needs carbs when you’ve got a juicer? When you’re not hitting the gym or meal-prepping, you might be teaching yourself how to play the ukulele or practicing conversational French. You’ve got to do something productive with that boundless energy, right? 

For someone like you, the perfect Chicago neighborhood is more than just a zip code—it’s your training ground. You want easy access to the lakefront for those epic morning runs, or maybe the 606 trail for a quick afternoon jog. While summer training is a breeze, you need an indoor pool and gym for those cold Chicago winters. 

And let’s not forget about grocery options; you’re not settling for anything less than Whole Foods or Mariano’s for all your matcha and tempeh needs. 

Lake view of Chicago skyline from Cascade's terrace. Cascade is a luxury apartment in Chicago's Lakeshore East neighborhood.
With a terrace like this, your morning yoga gets a scenic upgrade. After, enjoy a lakeside run!

Your ideal apartment? It’s got all the modern conveniences—Nest thermostats, a sleek kitchen with space for your meal prep gadgets, and enough room for your morning yoga sesh. A building that offers refrigerated delivery storage for your HelloFresh and Butcher Box is a must-have.

Your Neighborhood: Lakeshore East

Located on the lake between the Chicago River and Millennium Park, living in Lakeshore East is like living in a fitness resort. Plus, you’re just steps away from downtown. Lakeshore East’s highlights include:

  • Urban Oasis Vibes
  • Walkable to Downtown
  • Yoga in the Park
  • Scenic Running Trails
  • The Best Lake Views 
  • Chic Parkside Cafes

Lakeshore East Apartments Fit for the Triathlete

Discover apartments perfect for active lifestyles in Chicago with access to running trails, swimming pools, and state-of-the-art fitness centers.

The Walk to Worker

If you’re one of the few, the proud, the brave (also known as the office-bound employees who still commute to work)…congratulations! You represent the other 59 people downtown whose boss forced them back into the office because they needed to justify spending money on office space. Could be worse, you could work at WebMD. While everyone else is in their sweatpants on Zoom, you’re strutting down the street in real clothes, a podcast in your ears, and a coffee in hand. You know walking to work is more than a commute—it’s a lifestyle.

Chicago winters? No problem. You laugh in the face of freezing temps, outfitted with your down parka and unwavering determination. Public transit? Pssssh, that’s for other people. You’re armed with your Uber app and your groceries delivered, thank you very much. Your world is centered around a six-block radius, and that’s just how you like it.

A young man walking on the streets of The Loop, a Chicago neighborhood.
Walking to work is right up your alley! How else are you going to learn all the restaurants by your office?

For you, the ideal Chicago neighborhood has it all: great shopping, fantastic eats, coffee shops, and, most importantly, is within walking distance of your office. Closet space is a must (because looking sharp at the office doesn’t happen by accident), and on-site or nearby dry cleaning is a nice bonus. Having complimentary morning coffee in your apartment building is a dream, so you can grab a cup and head out the door without missing a beat.

Your Neighborhood: The Loop

Chicago’s Loop neighborhood is your perfect fit! Located in the heart of downtown, it’s the bustling epicenter of the city. Choose The Loop, and the city’s at your feet, with access to: 

  • Iconic Skyscrapers
  • Art Institute Visits
  • Shopping on State Street
  • The Chicago Theatre
  • Rooftop Bars
  • Millennium and Maggie Daley Parks
The Chicago Theatre in The Loop neighborhood.
Looking for weekend plans after a long day at the office? See a show at The Chicago Theatre.

Apartments in The Loop That are Close to the Action

Find your perfect walking commute in Chicago with our top picks for apartments in The Loop and skip the traffic with a convenient, central location.

The Commuter

Hey grad, you landed a great job—but there’s one catch. It’s in the ‘burbs (insert groan). Sure, you could go full-on suburbia, but you’re not in your soccer-mom era and prefer Uber Eats to Uber Lawncare.

Enter, the Commuter. You take the saying “don’t party where you work,” to heart, spending your days in Schaumburg and nights and weekends in the city (far, far away from the boss). 

When you do get home, you want a good balance of grocery stores and restaurants nearby, because cooking after a long commute? Not likely. An apartment close to all the city fun is key. You want the nightlife, the social scene, and the convenience of having everything within a short walk.

A photo of Pie Eyed Pizzeria, a famous (and delicious) restaurant located in Chicago's River West neighborhood.
Need a go-to restaurant in your new neighborhood? Start with Pie Eyed Pizzeria.

You deserve a sweet apartment for when you’re off the clock. Something close to the action, but has easy access to the highway or a Metra station. And covered parking is a must—who wants to dig out a car after a snowstorm?

Your Neighborhood: River West

Since you need easy access to the city and the suburbs, try River West. Just across the river from its partier sibling, River North, it feels a world away from your office. You’ll find River West hits the mark with: 

  • Small ‘Hood in the Big City Vibe
  • Bike-Friendly Streets
  • Warehouses Turned Lofts
  • Easy Highway Access
  • Hip Coffee Shops
  • Cool Cocktail Bars
A photo of River West's 90/94 expressway signage
River West offers convenient highway access to help you dodge rush hour on your commute.

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Commuter-Friendly River West Apartments

Discover the best commuter-friendly apartments in River West with plenty of city action and easy highway access.

The Sun Worshipper

Is “tan” your best color? Do you religiously track Chicago’s UV index? If it wasn’t for that pesky job, family obligations, or that odd sense of loyalty to your hometown, would you pack a U-Haul and head straight for California? Okay, Sun Worshipper, I see you. 

Sure, the Windy City is not exactly known for its perpetual warmth. But you’re not letting that get you down! When life gives you Chicago winters, you invest in a great vacation fund. 

When spring finally rolls around, you come alive like the rest of the city. Whether it’s poolside, at the beach, or enjoying movies in the park, you’re all about soaking up those rays. You make the most of every warm day, because as much as you hate the cold, you’re here, so you might as well enjoy the sunshine when it appears. Beer gardens? Yep. Local hiking trails? You bet. An afternoon at Wrigley Field even though you don’t even like baseball? Let’s play ball! Anything to avoid shivering in a parka.

The Wrigley Field sign.
Living in Chicago means annual trips to the iconic Wrigley Field.

So, when it comes to finding an apartment, you’re not just looking for four walls and a roof: you’re seeking sunshine. Of course, floor-to-ceiling windows that face south are a must. You’ll maybe settle for east or west, but north-facing windows (aka soul-suckers) are out of the question. 

Your dream has a rooftop deck that gets sun all day long, with an amazing apartment pool to boot. Give me cabanas. And a sauna. Add an egg chair with a view of the Chicago skyline. If your apartment is within walking distance to the beach, even better. You can’t put a price on catching those rays, right? 

Your Neighborhood: Uptown

A sun lover’s dream, the Uptown neighborhood’s North Side location is your personal sun-soaked playground. Get ready for endless beach days, outdoor adventures, and breezy lakefront vibes. Uptown delivers when it comes to the following:

  • Dog-Friendly Beaches
  • Cultural Melting Pot
  • Breezy Parks
  • Beach Days Galore
  • Diverse Food Scene
  • Historic Chicago Neighborhood Charm

Sun Lover-Approved Apartments in Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood

A bright, sun-lit unit in Eight Eleven Uptown, a luxury apartment building in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood.
Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood offers what feels like an abundance of sunshine.

Check out the top apartments for sun lovers in Uptown and bask in the glow of your perfect home.

The “Not-So-Local” Local

You’ve graduated and are making a big move to the big city. But it’ll never feel like home. Each Friday after work, you head straight to your real home in the ‘burbs. You guessed it—Mom and Dad’s house. You might not be ready to commit to full-on city life, but you’ve got a job in Chicago, and you like getting paid, so here you are.

Your ideal Chicago neighborhood is all about convenience. You need close parking and easy highway access to make that quick Friday afternoon escape. Or, maybe you’re a Metra warrior, in which case a spot near the station is a must. Mom’s leftovers run dry mid-week, so you need a grocery and some great restaurants nearby. No need for anything too upscale, though. 

Chicago's French Market during the day time, located in Fulton River District's neighorhood.
With the Chicago French Market in your backyard, pain au chocolates and croissants are a daily delight.

You need an apartment that’s more of a crashpad than a castle. After all, who needs a fancy place when your real home has home-cooked meals, a laundry service (thanks, Mom), and that nostalgic comfort of sleeping in your childhood bedroom? 

Amenities? Meh. Give you a decent gym and a friendly apartment staff, and you’re set. In-unit laundry? Not a priority—you’ve got your parents’ place for that. What you do want, though, is a bit of extra space for when family visits. Will they actually visit? Probably not, but having a furnished suite in the building to offer them makes you feel like you’ve got this adult-life thing down. 

The resident lounge at Chicago's K2 Luxury Apartments, located in the Fulton River District. The resident room has ample seating, cozy decor, a coffee table, and a large TV.
Your resident room will be your favorite evening hangout, anytime you need to unwind away from home.

Your Neighborhood: Fulton River

Fulton River is one of the best places to live in Chicago for young adults. Its West Side location makes it super easy to get out of the city, but still offers loads of fun for when you stick around. If you’re looking for any of the following traits, Fulton River definitely has you covered:

  • I-90 Access 
  • Urban with a Friendly Feel
  • Wine Cafes and Craft Beer Spots
  • Lots of Grocery Options 
  • Walkable to West Loop
  • Restaurants Galore 

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The Best Apartment Options in Fulton River

Find the perfect crashpad near your parents’ home—see the best apartments for weekend warriors in Chicago.

The Resident Who’s a Resident

Med school is done and now the real fun begins: your residency. First of all, congratulations— on both graduating and landing a residency in one of the best cities. Whether you’re working at Northwestern, Rush, Mercy, or any of Chicago’s other great hospital systems, I promise you’ll love living and working downtown. 

As you dive headfirst into your medical residency, life is all about saving lives, surviving on caffeine, and if you’re lucky, catching a few ZZZ’s between shifts. 

A medical resident drinking coffee and scrolling their phone on their break
In between shifts, you take your breaks at the nearest coffee shop.

For you, location is everything—with crazy long hours, a lengthy commute is absolutely out of the question. Your ideal building is a self-contained wonder, with amenities that cater to your every need. You’ll want onsite coffee to fuel those early mornings, 24-hour door staff for added peace of mind, and onsite parking if you’re on rotations at different locations. And, you want it to be a little swanky. After all, you didn’t survive med school to live in a dive. 

You need an apartment that’s not just a place to crash, but also a sanctuary where you can recharge between your rounds. It should have all the nice things (think quartz countertops, in-unit laundry, and a spa-inspired shower) but what matters most are those two sweet words: blackout shades. 

Your Neighborhood: Medical District, Streeterville, or South Loop

The Medical District, Streeterville, and South Loop neighborhoods are perfect for medical residents in Chicago—just a stone’s throw from hospitals, so you can maximize sleep and minimize commute. And the good news is all three neighborhoods rank highly for these attributes: 

  • Easy Access to Highways and Public Transit
  • High Concentration of Medical Facilities
  • Community of Fellow Docs
  • Plentiful Coffee Shops and Quick Service Restaurants
  • Peaceful Green Spaces  

Apartments Fit for Medical Residents

A sample unit living room view in Amli 900, a luxury apartment building in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.
After a long day at the hospital, a spacious living room is just what you need to unwind.

Discover our top apartments for medical residents in Chicago’s most convenient neighborhoods.

The Serial Dater

If your dating escapades rival those of a rom-com protagonist, Chicago is a playground of possibilities. Your three favorite hobbies (swiping right, sipping cocktails, and anticipating your next meet-cute) keep you busier than Taylor Swift penning her newest breakup album.  

With a penchant for romance and adventure, you see yourself in a neighborhood pulsing with energy. It’s gotta be intimate enough to support your “hotspots” and local celebrity status, but big enough that you don’t build too much of a reputation. And being close to nightlife and the train station is a must. After all, a successful date might seamlessly transition from a cozy bar to an… ahem, more intimate gathering in your apartment.

Two strangers flirting in a Chicago West Loop bar
Weekends are for hitting the bar, looking for love, and grabbing drinks with friends.

While your heart wants to rent that apartment above your favorite bar, your head has you on the hunt for something a bit more grown-up. Maybe a high-rise with a killer rooftop patio and skyline view. A social butterfly at heart, you’re looking for a place that’s packed with other suitors (I mean, residents) so you can test out your latest one-liners. 

The perfect love nest has an alluring ambiance with upscale features. That means sexy matte black fixtures, pristine white quartz countertops, and an extra-large walk-in shower (wink, wink). An apartment with smart home technology sets the mood with just the right lighting and music. And what’s a love nest without a walk-in closet to hold all those going-out shirts and shoes? 

You’ll need a building with impressive amenity spaces to wow your conquests, right? Take them on a tour of the game room, library, spa, and the meditation room you never use (but say you do on the daily). Spend sultry summer days in your outdoor pool, or snuggled up in a rooftop cabana with Mr. or Miss Right Now.

Your Neighborhood: West Loop

The perfect backdrop for endless romantic rendezvous: West Loop. It’s hands-down one of the best neighborhoods for Chicago singles. Just remember to keep track of your dates, because with all the options here, you might end up double-booked. Check out West Loop if you’re looking for:

  • Industrial Chic
  • Live Music Venues
  • Restaurant Row
  • A Hipster Vibe 
  • Trendy Brunch Spots
  • Dog Parks and Green Space 

You’ll find plenty of excellent dining options in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

West Loop’s Favorite Love Nests

Live where the social scene thrives: find the top apartments for serial daters in Chicago.

The Local Guide

All throughout college, you had your sights set on one goal: being able to call Chicago “home sweet home.” You LOVE this city and are stoked to officially become a full-time resident. 

Being a true Chicagoan is an art form, and you fully embrace the title. You’ve called dibs during epic snowstorms, taken more shots of Malört than you care to admit, and flown the Chicago flag off your balcony. 

Sure, you claim to be a homebody, but let’s be real—you’re the unofficial mayor of every local bar in the neighborhood. You know Remedy has the best happy hour on the west side of Chicago and that The Corner Bar’s free popcorn (with an ice-cold beer) makes a perfectly satisfactory dinner. As the go-to city guide for all your friends (even the ones you just met while bellied up to the bar), you’ve got the scoop on everything from hidden gems to local lore.

You take pride in being a regular at some of Chicago’s oldest joints (like Lottie’s Pub).

When it comes to finding the right neighborhood in Chicago, you know what you don’t want. Forget the tourist traps. The Loop might be great for visitors, but the thought of having a Cheesecake Factory as a part of your “incredible view” is pure cringe. You want to live where the real Chicagoans roam. That means walking distance to local haunts, independent shops, and neighborhood dives

Since quiet and cozy is your jam, a boutique apartment with some character is right up your alley. No need for tons of flashy amenities, but some cool shared spaces and a building with a strong sense of community sounds just perfect.  

Your Neighborhood: Wicker Park, Bucktown or Logan Square

For a genuine local vibe that’s tourist-free, Wicker Park, Bucktown, or Logan Square are the best Chicago neighborhoods for true locals. Each neighborhood is set back from the high-rises, but an easy couple train stops into the hustle and bustle. All are great fits if you’re looking for: 

  • Creative Community
  • Vintage Boutiques
  • Friendly Neighbors
  • Indie Music Venues
  • Unique Thrift Shops
  • Historic Homes

Apartments for True Locals

Explore our favorite apartment picks for proud Chicagoans and live where you can showcase the city’s unique charm to your out-of-town friends.

Mom and Dad are Paying the Rent

Ah, the lucky few whose parents foot the bill for their rent—you rock, Mom and Dad! Meanwhile, you’re tiptoeing into adulthood, one responsibility at a time. And at this time, your monthly rent withdrawal is happily tied to your parent’s account. 

Mom and Dad want you to be happy and comfy, but let’s be real: their generosity comes with a few strings attached. But hey, you’re not going to argue with free rent. So, when it comes to apartment hunting, Mom and Dad get a say, and they say, “You need a doorman!”

And what you want is a Chicago neighborhood that screams, “I am a young professional living my best life!” along with an amenity-stacked apartment building. I’m talking about a killer gym, swanky pool, game room, coworking space, and a dog run for your graduation gift (aka your new Yorkiepoo). After all, you’ve only got a year or two of free rent left—might as well enjoy yourself while you can! 

Two Yorkies in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood
In Streeterville, your dogs can frolic in stunning dog parks to their hearts’ content.

And let’s not forget the absolute musts. You need onsite parking to keep up monthly visits to your parent’s house. And shared laundry is so freshman year; an in-unit washer and dryer is a firm need, not a want. Lastly, a great kitchen is a must. You know, to eat your takeout in. Of course, you’ll also need a plethora of restaurant options within a half-mile radius of your apartment. After all, where else are you going to order your food from?

Your Neighborhood: Streeterville

Right in the heart of everything, Streeterville serves up luxury living in apartments that have it all. Enjoy the high life while the parents handle the rent! And, you enjoy all of the following great benefits: 

  • Lakefront Views
  • Luxe High-Rises
  • Walk to Navy Pier
  • Convenient Transit
  • Upscale Shopping
  • Beach Access
An aerial coastal city view of Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood
Streeterville has beautiful views from the lake (like this one).

Luxury Living in Streeterville

Find your perfect luxury apartment in Chicago so you can live in style (with a little help from the ‘rents).

I’m Paying the Rent

Navigating the post-college rental market without the luxury of parental support? Welcome to the club! As a self-funded apartment seeker, you’re all about balancing the budget while still enjoying the perks of adulthood. Gone are the days of crafting window coverings from shower curtains: it’s time to upgrade from the college crash pad to a space that screams “grown-up.” All without breaking the bank.

For financially independent grads, it’s all about getting the best bang for your hard-earned buck. You’re a savvy deal hunter, and love a good move-in special: free parking and discounted rent are music to your ears. Proximity to affordable grocery stores and budget-friendly activities like lakeside strolls or beach hangouts? Consider it a bonus. After all, who says you can’t live your best life on a budget?

To save some dough, renting a studio or living with a roommate are totally viable options. As long as rent is within budget and you’re getting an upgrade from your college days, you’re game. Speaking of upgrades, you’re not expecting amenities, but a fitness center or pool would make you feel like you practically own the place. 

Two roommates in their apartment living room putting face masks on together
Your idea of a ‘spa day’ is putting on face masks with your roommate in the living room.

Your Neighborhood: Gold Coast

Chicago’s Gold Coast might sound pricey, but it’s actually a gem for finding great apartments with even better value. You can live the high life without breaking the bank— it’s called champagne tastes on a beer budget! The Gold Coast boasts:

  • Tree-Lined Streets
  • Beachfront Living
  • Art Deco Vibes
  • Walkability
  • Real Community Feel 
  • Classic Architecture
View of Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood in the daytime

Gold Coast’s Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Apartments

Explore the best budget-friendly apartments in Chicago and find the perfect place for you (+ your wallet).

Your New Neighborhood is Waiting

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in finding the perfect Chicago neighborhood for your post-grad life. Now, it’s time to find the perfect apartment. Explore Hotspot’s apartment listings to discover a place that fits your style and budget.  

Whether you’re a recent grad yourself or just looking for a relatable leasing agent, we’ve got you covered!  Our team boasts experienced agents who graduated only a few years ago, and even more seasoned pros whose kids might even be your classmates! They’ll understand your needs and match you with an apartment that feels like home. Welcome to your next (or first) adventure in the Windy City!