28 Luxury Apartment Amenities You Never Knew You Always Needed

If you live in downtown Chicago, you know how lucky you are. From practicalities like easy-to-use transit to indulgences like Michelin-starred restaurants, the city is bursting with reasons to put down roots. 

Now, if you’re a resident at a luxury apartment in downtown Chicago…well, you know you’re one of the real lucky ducks.

Your decision to rent in a high-rise apartment building was likely born of convenience. But we have 28 reasons you’re never ever (like, ever) going to move. 

Here are 28 of the most incredible luxury apartment amenities you never knew you always needed:   

1. Dog Spas and Grooming Studios

If your roommate has four paws and a tail, you’re going to love the convenience of having an on-site pet spa. As dog-friendly rentals have become commonplace in downtown Chicago, properties are catering to pets and their owners. 

Several buildings have pet “spas”, giving residents a handy space to bathe and pamper pets. 

Moment Apartments, located in the Streeterville neighborhood, is one of our favorite pet-friendly properties. After taking a few laps around their 600-square foot dog run, bring your pup into the self-service “Wagging Tail Dog Spa” and emerge fresh and clean! 

Wagging Tail Pet Spa at Moment Chicago, photo courtesy of Moment

2. Complimentary Bicycles

When the Chicago skyline is drenched in sunshine, you get outside and soak it up! There’s no better way to explore the city than on two wheels. Not a cyclist? No worries when you live in a building that provides access to free bicycles for its residents and guests. 

The West Loop’s Milieu & Edison have classic cruiser-style bikes as well as scooters and even skateboards ready and waiting. Want to knock out some errands? South Loop’s Elle Apartments has crisp black and white cruisers decked out with baskets just waiting for the farmer’s market. 

Complimentary Bikes at Elle Apartments, photo courtesy of Elle

3. Bocce Ball Court

Gather your pals, bocce is calling! It may be Italy’s #2 sport but it’ll be your #1 pastime when you have access to a court at the drop of a hat. 

Open for just over a year, The Cooper is a South Loop treasure boasting beautiful views and a rooftop bocce court. They even host bocce tournaments complete with prizes and cocktails. 

Streeterville’s Optima Signature has you covered even when the snow’s flying with a light and bright indoor bocce court. This beautiful space also includes a fitness studio and putting green. 

4. Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers

Prime members, rejoice! Amazon Hub Lockers are popping up in more and more high-end apartment buildings. These lockers safely secure your deliveries (from any retailer and any carrier!) and let you pick your packages up on your terms and on your own schedule. 

You can find these convenient lockers at River West’s Mondial as well as Essex on the Park and The Cooper in South Loop. 

5. Indoor Tennis Courts

Ready for a real luxury? How does an indoor tennis court sound? For tennis-fanatics, this amenity isn’t just a fun bonus, it’s a huge cost-savings. With court time fees at athletic clubs reaching upwards of $60 an hour, the value adds up quick! An amenity this incredible is just awesome – especially when it is included in your rent! 

If you’re ready to play tennis year-round there’s one place to call home: Streeterville’s McClurg Court. With three full-size courts and a plethora of newly renovated fitness amenities, you’ll be Wimbledon-ready in no time. 

Indoor Tennis Courts at McClurg Court, photo courtesy of McClurg Court

6. Art Rooms

Makers and crafters, this one is right up your alley! Get your creative juices flowing in a beautiful space designed just for painting, drawing, sculpting and more. 

South Loop’s 777 South State invites their residents to “live artfully”, and their minimalist-in-the-best-way art studio embodies this culture. With beautiful drawing boards and a city view, you’ll be inspired to relax and start creating. 

Art Room at 777 South State

Near North is home to Niche 905, which boasts a ton of great amenities. Sure, the rooftop deck and million-dollar views are unreal, but we have serious heart-eyes for the craft room. Gather the girls and host your own paint and wine night (supplies are ready and waiting!). Our favorite detail though is the fully stocked gift wrapping station. Even Marie Kondo would be impressed with this functional and fun space. 

7. Recording Studio / Music Room

Now, this is a fun one! Keep your musical talent alive with access to a dedicated music room. Foster your creativity, have a little fun and maybe even get the band back together. There are three properties that have incredible spaces designated for musicians to practice and play, without disturbing the neighbors. 

The musician focused amenities at Spoke will have you packing up your guitar and mic and moving right into this River West property. Not only do they have their own performance room dubbed “The Venue” (complete with stage and lightning!), residents also have access to a soundproof recording studio. 

Another property for music-obsessed is Exhibit on Superior in Near Northside. The ultra-luxe jam room is a musician’s dream. Their commitment to musician-culture runs deep and they prove it with a Musician in Residence program.

Our last pick for the musically inclined is The Cooper in South Loop. This 452-unit tower includes a feature that even amateur musicians will appreciate. Their “Listening Lounge” is about as cool as it sounds! Stocked with everything from ukuleles and guitars to LPs and a turntable, this little piece of music paradise is going to wow you. 

Music Room at The Cooper Luxury Apartments

8. Racquetball Courts

Mix up your fitness routine with racquetball! Break a sweat without logging endless hours on a treadmill with this fun and social-friendly game. Grab your racquet and start a league at one of our favorite luxury apartment buildings with on-site courts. 

First up, take a look at the over-the-top fitness facilities at 1000 South Clark in South Loop. An impressive 10,000 square feet of courts, track, pool and more will have you reaching for your sneakers and suit on the daily. It’s their full-size racquetball court, though, that’ll really get your blood pumping. 

Racquetball Court at 1000 South Clark

We already showed off Optima Signature’s sweet indoor bocce court and now we’re back with a court of another kind. Their athletic spaces, including a fantastic racquetball court, will impress even the most seasoned athletes. 

9. Out of Town Plant and Cat Care

If travel keeps you from caring for your feline or fiddleleaf, the convenience factor of this simple service is huge (not to mention the cost-savings!). Forget hiring a service, or pestering a friend or neighbor to do you a favor; let your building management take care of your cat and plants while you’re away. 

Good news: all 15 of Bozutto’s properties offer cat and plant care. With locations ranging from The Paragon in South Loop to The Sinclair in Near North, you’re sure to find a building that suits your taste. 

If you’ve been eyeing the Gold Coast, take a look at The Seneca. This 15-story building is full of boutique apartments with classic styles and details that can be hard to come by. It’s so quaint, you might want to cancel your travel plans and just stay home! 

Finally, One Bennett Park is one of Streeterville’s finest properties. The architecture and finishes are beyond posh, but it’s the service that’ll blow you away. With a 24/7 doorman and concierge, you can be rest assured your home and all things green and purring will be well-cared for in your absence. 

10. Boxing Ring

Boom, boom, pow! How does a boxing ring sound? Boutique boxing rings are springing up quicker than you can say “knockout”, but you can save on ring-fees and get all the benefits of breaking a boxing sweat when you have a ring in your building. These three properties are ready to help you destress and sweat it out. 

South Loop’s gorgeous new building NEMA has changed Chicago’s skyline and it’s fitness facilities are going to change the way you think about high-end amenities. NEMA’s fitness center features a boxing ring, as well as premium leading-edge strength training, functional training, and cardio equipment. Bonus: recover in the beautiful sauna or steam room. 

Next up is a one-two-punch. The Flats have a number of incredible luxury properties in and around downtown Chicago and two of them – The Bush Temple located in Gold Coast and The Lawrence House in Uptown both feature the coolest rings around. If a boxing ring is near the top of your “must-have” list, you gotta give these properties a look! 

11. Woodway Treadmills

Runners know, Woodway treadmills are the G.O.A.T. and when you live in one of these downtown Chicago properties, you have one at the ready. 

Both Echelon in West Loop and Astoria Tower in South Loop offer residents on-site fitness facilities that include highly sought after Woodway treadmills. 

If you’re looking for an added bonus, check out South Loop’s Paragon. This tower is a stunner! Its rooftop fitness center is equipped with Woodways, but it’s the city and lake views that’ll have you sign a lease on the spot.

12. Beer Fridge

Yup, you read that right: a complimentary beer fridge. Enough said, let’s get right to the details on this one. 

Buzz over to the Old Town neighborhood’s aptly named Old Town Park apartments and check out their game room. Inside, you’ll find a plethora of games (see #18!) and a fridge stocked with cold beer. 

The Hudson’s amenity fridge just might be reason enough to call this River North property home. Rumor has it, this fridge is always stocked with Chicago-favorite Goose Island.  

13. Golf Simulator

These fitness-focused amenities just keep getting better, don’t you think?! Love to golf? Miss it during our long Chicago winters? No worries. When you have a golf simulator in your apartment building you can advance your game year-round and be ready when spring comes… it’s like getting a beach body, but for golfers! 

The golf simulator at Wolf Point West in the River North neighborhood is just…beyond words. Beware: you may never want to leave.  

Golf Simulator at Wolf Point West, photo courtesy of Wolf Point West

1000 South Clark and The Cooper, both in South Loop, also join in the fun and games with in-house golf simulators. 

14. Peloton Bikes

A Peloton bike is more than a piece of fitness equipment, it’s a luxury. If you’ve been lusting after a Peloton, but don’t want to drop over $2,000 on one of your own, these three South Loop buildings have you covered: 

Essex on the Park already wowed us with its pet-friendliness, and now it’s back and focused on your fitness. Not only does Essex have Pelotons, but it’s fitness center also flaunts Nautilus and Life Fitness equipment.

Eleven40 is a gem of a property with plenty of brag-worth amenities. Top off your Pelton workout with a session in their on-site yoga studio. 

Next up: Ceoval! Opened in 2019, this South Loop treasure is light, bright and according to their site, outfitted with “the best cardio equipment on the planet”. Peloton bicycles included, of course. 

15. Pressbox Cleaners

Ladies and gents, if having your wardrobe fresh-pressed is a must, you’re gonna love this. 

Pressbox Cleaners by Tide are the epitome of convenience. Place your laundry in one of their secure lockers, notify Pressbox via their app and voilà, your dry cleaning is returned to your locker and ready for you to pick up 24/7. And to think, we used to geek out over tech-amenities like high-speed wifi. What a time to be alive! 

We’re seeing this service pop up at more and more properties including South Loop’s Ceoval and The Seneca in Gold Coast. Say good-bye to your 9-to-5 dry cleaner and hello to total convenience. 

16. Basketball Court

Clean up your bank shot and get a killer workout on the court! Whether you’re looking for a pick-up game or if Horse is more your speed, you’ll love having a basketball court on-site. These building’s courts are seriously impressive. 

If you thought NEMA’s boxing ring was jaw-dropping, just wait till you see their basketball court. This 70,000 square foot property carved out room for a state-of-art court that’s not just functional, but beautiful too.

Alta at K Station has a court that’s a triple threat. Play basketball, badminton or volleyball in the West Loop’s only full-sized sports court. You can even book private court time for a league or fun with friends. 

We already covered Optima Signature’s racquetball and bocce courts so it comes as no surprise that they have a killer basketball court too. After working up a sweat, relax in the steam room then take a dip in their cold plunge shower. 

Old Town Park and Two Old Town Park have something special up their sleeve. A new 39-story tower with glorious views and killer amenities. The coolest luxury feature just might be this one-of-a-kind court. This beautiful space will make you want to shoot hoops even if you’re a rookie. 

Basketball Court at Two Old Town Park, photo courtesy of Two Old Town Park

17. Private Park

Public parks feeling a little too…well….peopley for you? There’s just one luxury apartment building in downtown Chicago with its own private park. 

When you call South Loop’s 1401 South State home, you’ll gain access to their fenced-in, gated, private green space located just north of the building. Simply hop across 14th Street and enjoy this little piece of urban paradise, just for residents! 

18. Arcade and Game Room

Okay sure, high-end fitness centers are wonderful, but sometimes you just wanna have a little fun! These properties kick up the fun-factor big time with community game rooms that w-o-w. 

First, South Loop’s Eleven40 has a game room that includes a skeeball machine! If you grew up throwing away your allowance on this vintage throwback, you’ll have a blast chasing a new high score (no quarters needed!). 

Next, head over to River North’s Next Apartments where you’ll find arcade-style games including old-school favorite Pac-Man. Battle dinosaurs, slay zombies and save the galaxy in this arcade fanatic’s dream. 

The hits keep coming over at Old Town Park. Classic favorite arcade games like tabletop Pac-Man and Golden Tee, dart boards, board games, and even a giant Scrabble board are all waiting for you. Gather your friends together; this game room is a blast!

Game Room at Old Town Park, photo courtesy of Old Town Park

The Cooper already has your rooftop fun and games covered with pool, bocce court, and lounge, but when it’s time to take the fun inside, head into the light and bright game room. With a bank of classic arcade games, billiards, ping pong, and shuffleboard, those winter months are going to fly by. 

19. Bowling Alley

You read that right – a bowling alley! There’s one place to snag this crazy-fun feature – at Elle Apartments in South Loop. This high-rise features amenities you’ve come to demand (hello, coworking space and smart-home features) but a bowling alley?! Now that’s over the top. 

Bowling Alley at Elle Apartments

20. Kids Playroom

If you have children in your life, you know how important a change of scenery can be, particularly when the weather is frightful. That’s why this amenity just maybe #1 for parents and caretakers. 

The kids playroom in Streeterville’s One Bennett is straight out of a storybook. Cozy, comfy, colorful and seriously chic; even adults will want to pull up a puzzle and play all day.  

Playroom at One Bennett Park, photo courtesy of One Bennett Park/Related Midwest

One other property with a play area that’ll catch your eye: Presidential Towers in West Loop. This playroom has soft play climbing structures that allow your little one to climb and tumble safely. Let ‘em run and get out that energy! 

21. Winter Garden Oasis

Winter blahs, begone! Imagine being able to bask in sunshine and greenery all year long. At Essex on the Park, you can. A four-story, light-filled oasis is the perfect place to beat the winter blues. This space is a one-of-a-kind feature you won’t find anywhere else but this South Loop stunner.

22. Serenity Garden

Say it with us – a-u-m. A little slice of meditation-heaven is yours in the form of a rooftop serenity garden at two downtown properties. 

Moment touts that their amenities are designed with wellness and healthful vitality in mind so it comes as no surprise that they nested a circular-shaped serenity garden on their rooftop. Featuring a bubbling fountain, this serene oasis will have you feeling chill in no time.

Serenity Garden at Moment, photo courtesy of Moment

South Loop’s 1001 South State is known for its modern styling and tech-focused amenities, but they have a tranquil secret up on the rooftop terrace. A birch grove, featuring lush greenery and a quiet walking path offers residents a peaceful space to relax and recharge.

23. Herb & Vegetable Garden

Hey home chefs, this one’s for you! Pass right by your grocer’s herb and veggie section all summer long – fresh produce is ready and waiting on your rooftop. With sustainability and eco-focused amenities on the rise (hello car charging stations), we’re seeing rooftop gardens popping up across the Chicago skyline. 

The Cooper puts their rooftop terrace to good use with beautiful! entertaining space, including that great bocce court, but it’s their two herb gardens that might be the most handy. 

North Side’s Ravenswood Terrace has a great community vibe and a full acre of green space on their roof to connect and relax with friends and neighbors. A veggie and herb garden is a bonus feature available to all residents. 

EMME in the West Loop is a unique property that holds community and sustainability above all else. They earned a LEED Gold Certification from the United States Green Building Council and have a 3,000 square foot vegetable and fruit garden on their third-floor deck. This space is an urban gardener’s dream! 

24. Roof Crop

Not only does EMME have a garden, but they also have a farm! That’s right – located on the rooftop is EMME’s Roof Crop™, a 5,000 square foot commercially maintained and harvested urban farm. The produce is sold to local restaurants and grocers. As a great bonus to residents, they also offer CSA packages and host community events in this extraordinary space. 

Roof Crop at Emme, photo courtesy of Emme

25. Wine Room and Lockers

Need a good reason to start a wine collection? These three properties have climate-controlled wine rooms with storage lockers, keeping your collection safe, sound and a perfect 55 degrees. 

Parc Huron, in River North as well as Eleven Thirty and Elle Apartments (both in South Loop) not only have secure wine lockers for their residents but tasting rooms fit to entertain. Pull up a stool, pop a cork and enjoy a perfect glass. 

Wine Lockers at Parc Huron

26. Outdoor Pizza Oven

If you’re a Chicago resident, cooking a perfect pizza is a required life skill. These two properties allow you to step up your pizza-making game with rooftop pizza ovens at the ready. 

Burnham Pointe’s outdoor kitchen space is unreal! This Printer’s Row property has a rooftop terrace outfitted with outdoor kitchens surrounded by lush green gardens and trees. With ample prep space, grills and yes, a coveted pizza oven, you’ll be eating al fresco all summer long. 

When you call River West’s Spoke your home, you’ll enjoy more than an acre of rooftop space complete with an outdoor kitchen, including a pizza oven. After you devour a few slices, enjoy some time around one of the community fire pits and enjoy the city view.

27. Gaming Rooms

Gamers, you’re gonna freak over this. There’s one property with a gaming room that beats them all. Spoke, in River West has a gaming room with stadium seating, luxury theater chairs and a movie theater-style screen setup that is so killer! Grab your buds and schedule a tournament. You may never want to leave.

Gaming Room at Spoke Luxury Apartments

28. Spa

Luxury apartment living should feel like a luxury and this frill is something you definitely deserve. Kiss the hustle and bustle of the busy city good-bye and take a little me-time at the spa. 

Coast at Lakeshore East has a spa lounge that’s magazine-worthy. Soak in the hot tub then sweat it out in the sauna and steam rooms. 

South Loop’s The Paragon has a light-filled spa complete with a whirlpool, steam, and sauna. Just imagine relaxing in the whirlpool and watching the snowflakes fall on a winter day. Now that’s winter activity we can get on board with!

Spa at Paragon Luxury Apartments

Take one peek at Atwater’s spa and you’ll be ready to sign a lease. Located in Streeterville, this 12th-floor space was recently renovated and it shows. Two whirlpools plus men’s and women’s steam rooms and saunas mean you’ve officially found your happy place. 

That’s it, guys! Our round-up of the most over-the-top luxury apartment amenities is complete…for now. One thing is certain; as new properties emerge so will brand-new amenities ready to woo new residents.

Ready to move into one of these fantastic downtown Chicago properties? The team at HotSpot is here to help and we promise to make finding and leasing your new apartment a breeze. Give us a shout and let’s find you a new place to call home.